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Creative approaches to problems that matter.


Welcome to Brocade Studio

Intractable problems require inventive approaches. At Brocade Studio, we design creative solutions by first working with the people impacted by your systems. A rich and complete understanding of their stake in a project informs the design of a solution which genuinely meets all needs.

Whether it’s crafting a strategic plan, researching to understand clients and customers, or designing for organizational impact, our methods start with people and build toward tailored solutions.

Featured Case Study

Virginia Legal Aid

Helping to shape the future of legal aid.

Anticipating a climate of increased austerity, and looking to reimagine its own structure, in 2016 Virginia Legal Aid (LSCV) sought to craft a four-year strategic plan. The Brocade team was engaged to rethink every pillar of LSCV, from service delivery to organizational structure.

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